Mar 20 2014

FWA 2014

Hello my Creatures!

Just a quick word to let you guys know that I’ll be hanging out in Furry Weekend Atlanta’s Artist Alley in the Westin Hotel most of this weekend! Artist Alley here is different than other venues, so I won’t have a permanent table for you to come visit, but I plan to be there from about 10am to the evening (let’s say 6 or 7…my butt starts to give out from sitting for so long after awhile!).

I’ve got lots of goodies for sale and will be taking on site commissions, so if you’re gonna be there, stop by and say hello!

That’s all for now, and as always: Thanks for reading!

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Feb 12 2014

Everything is awesome!

Hello, my Creatures!

 Unless you’ve been living in a small cardboard box, you’re probably aware that that The Lego Movie is a thing that exists. Actually, even if you lived in a small cardboard box, you’d probably STILL have heard about it. Especially if that small cardboard box contained Legos…Sorry, Lego Bricks (I’ve been told that’s the official term, and if I’m going to complain about the improper use of the word February, I figure I’d better get it right, dammit.)

 Not gonna lie. I was dubious about the movie when I first heard about it. Until I saw the first preview for it. And I was completely and utterly sold about 15 seconds in. The main character, Emmet, manages to hit the exact right note of naivete and absurd optimism without making you hate him and the supporting cast is hilarious (and amazingly cast!). I laughed throughout the entire thing, but there are heartfelt moments as well that get the simple message of the movie across without being ham-handed. You don’t have to be a fan of Lego to enjoy this movie, and the humor in it is sophisticated enough that it’s actually a movie the entire family can enjoy (not one parents will feel like they have to sit through for the kids. )If you’re still harboring any doubts, don’t, because it’s a gem.

 Okay, okay, even if I hadn’t been completely sold on the idea of the movie, there’s something else we all have to consider: The play sets.

 You guys are all probably aware at this point that I’m a gigantic five-year-old, so it’s probably not much of a stretch for you to assume that I might have some Lego bricks at my house. Okay, okay, “assume” and “might” are strong words. I have some Lego bricks at my house.


 “Some” is an understatement. I have a small crate of Lego bricks at my house. My love affair with Lego began somewhere in college when I realized that I could use my limited disposable income to buy toys because I was an adult, dammit. Sort of. At any rate, I’ve been picking up sets here and there ever since and my collection has grown quite a bit over the years. For the record, I DO keep them all in one bin and not divided up by sets because to do otherwise is not how you “Play Legos.”

 Oh. My. GEE-OH-ESS-AYCH. The play sets for the Lego Movie are amazing! They are SO much fun and the majority of them are $30 and under.

 I took pictures. Because I’m THAT much of a nerd. Also…Let’s not talk about how much money I’ve invested in this particular theme. To my credit, there were gift cards involved!

Fist up are the various vehicle sets. I’m usually not into the cars and stuff, but as you can see, these guys are…different.

Here they are “artfully” arranged on a stack of my old sketchbooks!


Oh my glob. The best part about this one (besides the kabob missiles) is that big brown drum behind the pilot represents the big spinning slab of meat at such places.

It’s a flying castle. Seriously. What else do I even have to say?!

And this one?! Flying Saloon. ‘Nuff said. Favorite part about this one? The treasure chests that open to drop dynamite.

Okay, okay, so the planes and stuff are completely rad. BUT there’s some seriously awesome characters in these sets as well. Like Metal Beard and Unikitty. UNIKITTY. There is a kitten with a unicorn horn in this movie, and now I have a physical Lego representation of such a thing! It’s as though Lego went into my brain and pulled stuff out. Which, I guess, was kind of part of the point of the film. ANYWAY.


Um…That triceratops isn’t part of any of these sets. I just threw him in there because…Dinosaurs. OH! And the blind bags were some of the best, BEST part of this particular line (the Lego blind bags are some of the most fun things…and let’s not talk about how many of them I own, either, for they are legion.).

Shakespeare is fantastic, but Good Cop/Bad Cop rapidly became my favorite because of his alternate face.

Just in case you don’t know, blind bags are little single toy packs where you buy ‘em without knowing what’s in ‘em. Which is why I have two Abraham Lincoln’s. Fortunately, I also have extra skelly-heads.

IF you’re so inclined, I’ve got some more pics I’ll be plastering over on my tumblr. but I think I’ve gushed enough Lego-y joy all over you guys. That’s all for now, my Creatures, and as always: Thanks for reading!


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Jan 06 2014

Another Year Over…

A new one just begun…

Hello, my dear Creatures!

Well, the holidays are more than over and I hope you all had a good one, appropriately raucous and without injury. 

I don’t really go in much for New Year’s Resolutions or any of that. Most of mine end up being pretty ridiculous anyway, things like: I’m going to play more video games, or get more Lego sets or something. Neither of which is really a resolution at all seeing as how I do those things anyway since Animal Crossing is my dark, dark mistress and I am practically the Smaug of Lego bricks. I guess there was that one time I resolved to stop biting my nails and I bite them….less now. So I suppose that’s something.

I do have some minor improvements I want to make to my little corner of the web here and I do have plans to post more silly arts that have Nothing To Do With Anything over on my Tumblr feed and to, dear glob, update my gallery here more regularly.

I think I just resolved to draw more.*snerk* I don’t think that counts as a resolution, either.

That’s all for now, Creatures and as always: Thanks for reading!

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Dec 25 2013

Happy Holidays 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year, my Creatures! From my weird family to yours. Thanks for reading!


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Dec 10 2013

Happy Holidays!

Hello Creatures!

In case you missed it, the holiday season is all upons. I’m a little late in celebrating my favorite holiday, but is it really ever too late to celebrate Krampusnacht?!

No, of course not. And since I think it’s a shame that Krampus doesn’t have any carols of his own, I offer up this little bit of internet ridiculousness which will have to do (though you may have seen it over at Devil’s Panties XD):

That’s all for now, my Creatures, be merry and be mischievous! And as always: Thanks for reading!

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Nov 28 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Hello, my Creatures!

Wishing you guys a happy Thanksgiving, with all the food you can cram into your gaping maws! I know that’s what I’LL be doing today, since I practically have a flip-top head and get REALLY excited about food. Have a great holiday, and if you’re planning on heading out into the Black Friday crowds, be safe and be kind!

Other quick news: check out the Gallery tab, I’ve finally put up the individual On the Couch Halloween costumes, and there’s a brand new piece in the Digital Coloring folder where you can see 1950s Dad and Harley, fully rendered in all their cartoon glory!

That’s all for now, and as always: Thanks for reading!


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Nov 16 2013

Comfy Con 2013 part II

Hello, my Creatures!

If you guys missed the panel I was part of with Jennie Breeden (The Devil’s Panties) and Angela Melick (Wasted Talent) you can check it out on YouTube here!

Due to some technical difficulties, I’m not in it until about four minutes in, when I finally gave up on the webcam and grabbed my trusty iPod Touch, but you can catch me rambling on about Art and Life all while wearing Penguin Pajamas…And I think there’s a shot of Stick Cat’s butt in there. Check out the rest of the keen stuff going on at Comfy Con here and thanks for the folks who tuned in and sharing a bit of their Friday nights with us!

That’s all for now, Creatures, and as always: Thanks for reading!

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Nov 15 2013

Comfy Con 2013

Hello, Creatures!

So I’ve unexpectedly added a convention to my short list of Conventions I Attend: Comfy Con 2013, November 15-17. 

How am I going to get to a convention on such short notice, and WHERE is this convention located?! It’s right here, in your computer-machine! An all digital, all online convention because last year a bunch of webcomickers wanted to have their own convention, while sitting in their living rooms. And this year they wanted to do it again.

I’ll be part of a panel tonight at 10pm with my pal Jennie Breeden ( , as if you didn’t know!) and possibly some other artists, all talking about How Do I Draw The Funny?! Okay, okay, it’s actually called “Is It Funny” and it will be on Google Hangout and you guys can ask us questions via Twitter (@surlyqueen, #comfycon) and possibly Other Methods.

If you guys want to look in on some of the other fun stuff that’s going on this weekend, check out the Convention Schedule and take a look at some of the other artists participating, all from the comfort of your very own home! Ah, The Interwebz, what would we have done without you?!

That’s all for now, Creatures, and as always: Thanks for reading!

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Nov 12 2013

The Beard

Hello, my Creatures!

If you’ve been keeping up with On the Couch, then it’s no secret that I’d like to some day be able to sprout a beard. This is the part where I get to be a bit of hipster, because I TOTally wanted to do this before “No Shave November” and beards/mustaches in general were “cool.” No one will believe me, but it’s okay, I still think they’re cool and am quite pleased that they have become so popular because now I can buy merch with beards and mustaches on it, and all my friends give me fake mustaches and beards for birthday and Christmas.

Where was I.

Right. Growing a beard. This falls in the number five slot on Top Five Super Powers I Would Like To Have. It’s a low-level super power at best, but I would like the ability to grow and shed any style of beard, mustache, or combination thereof, in any natural hair color at will. Because let’s face it, I’m a lady, and facial hair just isn’t appropriate for every occasion. 1950s Dad does not find this prospect nearly as amusing as I do, and I haven’t worked out the logic on this yet, but I think it has something to do with the fact that he has the ability to actually grow a beard.

And I am more than a bit jealous. Think of how philosophical I’d look!

That’s all for now, my Creatures, and as always: Thanks for reading!


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Nov 01 2013

Sugar Crash…

Hope all my Creatures had a happy and safe Halloween, and aren’t too drunk on candy.

I was pleased to have so many Trick-or-Treaters this year, and actually got rid of most of the candy this year (compared to last year when I just got to eat two entire bags of Laffy Taffy).

I’m kind of spoiled when it comes to costumes thanks to going to conventions and seeing all the super-awesome and crazy-labor-intensive outfits, but there were a couple of standouts that showed up at my door. My two faves were the little Jedi who’s black lab was dressed in a cape as Darth Vader, and the girl dressed as Dr. Facilier (the villain from Disney’s Frog Princess).

No pictures, although, I DID think about it, and then realized that it’s SUPER creepy to take pictures of other people’s kids outside of a convention setting, no matter how innocent the intention!

That’s all for now, Creatures, and as always: Thanks for reading!

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