Wendy L. Witherow

Wendy Witherow graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Art and a focus in Sequential Art. She is best at drawing cute animals, telling funny stories, and inking. After surviving for seven years in the Savannah heat, she now lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, Raf the 1950s Dad and her cat, Harley, who will never give up her dream of eating Wendy’s comics.

On the Couch

Picture this: you’re a writer or an artist, working on a story and all of a sudden, your title character is hanging out in the living room with you. Now, imagine you’ve got a LOT of characters and they’ve ALL suddenly appeared in your apartment. That is what On the Couch is about. The characters within it all come from different stories I’ve been working on, and, in most cases, would not otherwise have met one another. Watch out! I’ll be asking for your help when I decide to tell their individual stories. In the meantime, enjoy the look of what it’s like hanging out with my imaginary friends.

Life on a Stick

Life on a Stick started out as Dorm Life, gracing the pages of my looseleaf binder. It was a quick way to chronicle the funny stuff that happened during college and was meant to be shared with friends. We all graduated and more or less grew up, but funny stuff kept happening and I couldn’t very well call it Dorm Life anymore. These slice-of-life comics are all true, with minor adaptations for clarity’s sake. I never imagined people would find them as funny as we did!